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Simple cloud-based load testing for your apps - by SendGrid Labs

Can your app take it?

Measure how your app performs under pressure. Easily send as many connections as you need over the time you want and watch us crush your app in real-time to see how it performs.

Test as much as you need

When making constant changes and deploying new code, it's just as important to test scalability as it is functionality. Because of this we encourage you to test as much as you need. You can even integrate loader io into your continuous processes via our super simple API

Share your tests with anyone & show off

Show off how your app performs by sharing your tests with anyone. Easily share the full results or use our code snippets to embed graphs into your blog or backend ops dashboard.

Real-time results

Watch our pretty graphs in real-time as your load tests run to see how your app is performing.

Plans & Pricing for


  • Concurrenct Connections: 10.000
  • Concurrent Tests
  • Unlimited Tests
  • SSL Support


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